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StealthGenie- An Android Monitoring App That Keep Things On Track

You might have seen a lot of Android apps in the market that are providing employers instant business solutions and ease of communication. Similarly there are apps that are providing digital parenting solutions. Parents have also given Androids to their kids and believe that the android is helping them out in the educational hurdles. Well you are not wrong! But if you are a business employer who is heading an immense team of employees or a busy parent who is worried about your kids’ usage of mobile technology, the Android Spy App is going to be something imperative in your life.

You can’t think of monitoring your employees by hiring a private investigator or sneaking your kids physically. In this era of digitalization you have to think about spy app. When it comes to the spy app, you will see multiple apps in the market. What is your first priority while choosing any spy app? Obviously, the one that is undetectable. You can think of StealthGenie that is not only undetectable, but also provides instant monitoring solutions to its users.

This is how one parent is using StealthGenie and monitoring his kid who has been studying in a boarding school.

Here is what employers have to say about StealthGenie that is helping them in running their delivery business smoothly.

So, here are the 9 exclusive features that compel one to go for StealthGenie. These features outweigh the use of mobile technology by creating a balance in your life.

1. Check Call Logs

Won’t you get concerned when your kid hesitates while talking in front of you? It becomes necessary for you to check the call details. With this feature you can keep a check on what numbers are calling or what is the frequency of calls by particular number. You can also see the time and date of the phone call.

2. Monitor Chats On Instant Messengers

Do you know sexting has gone mainstream? The sexting scandals are on the rise. According to teenage sexting statistics, 71% of teen girls and 67% of teen boys who have sent or posted sexually suggestive content say they have sent/posted this content to a boyfriend/girlfriend. This is quite alarming. Similarly, you never know if your employee is sending messages that can put your market reputation at risk. You can monitor WhatsApp chats, Viber chats, Skype chats or even Facebook messages with this feature. This can help you out in formulating limitations guidelines accordingly.

3. Record The Calls

Why your kid is looking worried after the phone call? What if your employee is talking to your competitor? If you want to know more, put their calls on the recording with the call recording feature. You can even put specific numbers on call recording and can listen to these recordings later.

4. Put A Digital Fence

Geo tracking is the common feature that it offers and can tell you the exact location of the mobile, but Geo fencing is like your digital guard that will notify you if your kid enters into the particular area. All you need to do is mark the particular areas in red and green zones. You can also create a fence in more than one location simultaneously. You just have to choose the preference like how you want to be notified. You can get the alerts via SMS, via emails or even both. The choice is completely up to you.

5. Read Incoming/Outgoing Emails

You can read all kinds of business communication that your employee is making with clients and with your partner companies. Likewise you will get to know if your kids are receiving spamming emails.

6. Look At Multimedia

You can get access to photos, videos or kind of music your kids have saved on their mobile. Moreover, you can check the employee phone, if it has any confidential information on their mobile in the form of photos or recordings of any business meetings.

7. Monitor Internet Activities

With this feature you can monitor what kind of websites your kids and employees are visiting. You can check that whether the visited websites are age appropriate for your kids or not. You can even look at the bookmarked websites.

8. Get Instant Alerts

Apart from Geo-fencing feature, if you don’t want your kid to use particular words in their emails and messages, you can put them in a list of suspicious words. If your kid will use these words while texting or in emails you will be notified via SMS and email about its use. Moreover, you can also get alerts if a particular number is calling.

9. Remote Control The Phone

This feature works amazingly. If your kid’s phone is lost or your employee phone is lost what you are most concerned about? Obviously it’s the multimedia, the confidential business data and contact list. The phone may also have bank account information. With remote control feature you can send command to the phone so that it can get locked. You can also send remote command in order to wipe out all phone data. You know the best part? The data will remain in the online control panel. Means you don’t need to worry about data backup if you want.


Exclusivity+Affordability- What Else Could Be Better?

I am sure you are going to install it now! Let me surprise you again by telling that it is conveniently affordable. Packages start from as low as $8 per month. You can hardly say ‘NO’ to this exclusive affordable package.

Now the Smartphone users can get amazing monitoring experience with StealthGenie Spy App. Remember, it’s never too late to take a good decision for your business and family.

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