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Microsoft and Google are looking for passwordless login

Microsoft and Google are looking for passwordless login

It’s better to say goodbye to passwords, because the world’s largest websites will likely replace password with fingerprint scanning and face detection designed by Google and Microsoft.

On Friday, two major technology companies, Microsoft and Google, unveiled their efforts to remove password systems from online platforms during a San Francisco RSA conference.

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This is to be done through Android smartphones and Windows-equipped computers.

Microsoft and Google are looking for passwordless login


How this system work?

Very simple. The device scans your fingerprint or face to identify your identity and then creates a unique private password for each user that can access their Internet accounts using this private password, which varies from person to person. And they need to open the password without having to enter it.

Google and Microsoft intend to add this feature to their browsers, and on the same token, on Monday Microsoft announced that the next update of Windows 10 is likely to be equipped with this technology in its browser.

The Technology that introduced by Microsoft and Google is still in its infancy and is not yet ready for use by the public, but Google’s CEO at the event said that 2019 will probably be the year that users of the entire world will benefit from this technology.

Microsoft and Google are looking for passwordless login

Is it possible to implement?

Google and Microsoft are both parties of FIDO treaty, and in the recent past, it has always pushed websites to use new technologies and remove password to make it faster and easier for users to access their accounts as soon as possible.

As seen in the demo, there is no need for password to complete the purchase process, and this will be done through the user’s fingerprints. The device’s sensor allows a person to make a purchase by scanning a fingerprint.

This work is also practical on computers, with the difference that your face is scanned. In a demo, Microsoft showed how the Windows Hello feature scans your face using WebCam and allows access to user’s accounts on websites.

Although fingerprint sensor technology and face recognition are not new but they have not been used to access the account and purchase through websites.

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