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5 Highest-Paying URL Shortener To Help You Make Money Online

In the world of blogging and the internet, URLs play a definite role. Whether you are blogger, affiliate marketer, e-commerce website owner, or an online service provider; you will need an URL Shortener to trim down your regular URLs.

Most blog post URLs or product links are long with UTM source and tags. Sharing such long URLs not only look ugly but also discourages the user to click the URL when they find it on social media networks. Here’s where URL Shortener tools come into play.

Currently, the most popular URL Shortener tools are Bitly and Google URL Shortener. But what if I told you there are many more and a lot many which can help you make money online while sharing your own shortened URLs.

Yes, you heard it right! There are multiple highest paying URL Shorteners which can help you make money online as you share the shortened URLs on various social media channels.

There’s no big difference between a general URL shortening tool like Bitly and a URL shortening service that pays. Both the type of tools will shorten a lengthy URL in a similar fashion with a small difference. Today, there are various URL shortening services which will pay you whenever a user clicks the shortened URL.

Cool. Isn’t it?

Even I was surprised when I read it for the first time. Although the prices vary from one URL shortening service to the other, you can choose the URL shortening service that suits your business model.

While some URL shortening services follow the revenue sharing model, many others pay for the number of clicks or impressions. Every URL shortening service sets a payment threshold or benchmark so you will only get paid once you reach that threshold.

Most of these URL shortening services also pay for referrals as well.

There are more than 40 URL shortening services that pay whenever someone clicks the URL. Finding the best of the lot can be challenging. Hence, I have created a list of 5 highest-paying URL Shortener for my readers.

I have made this list considering factors such as CPM rates, payment threshold, and referral bonuses.

So, without any further ado, let’s get on with the list.

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Trustworthiness is the key if you want to effectively use and make money from URL shortening service. Shorte.ST qualifies as it is one of the most trusted URL Shortener out there. Shorte.ST is also one of the highest-paying URL Shortener around the web. For a US audience, Shorte offers one of the highest payout rates at $14.04.

Besides offering one of the best payout rates, Shorte also sets a minimum withdrawal limit of $5 for PayPal and WebMoney, whereas sets the withdrawal limit at $20 for Payoneer. You can withdraw your earnings on 10th of every month automatically if the payment threshold is reached for the set payment method. Shorte also lets you earn on referrals. You can earn 20% of all the earnings made by your referrals with Shorte. So, more quality referrals can help you earn more money in the long run without even using the URL shortening service.

Interesting Shorte.ST stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 1,017,836
  • Total URLs shortened: 1,758,071,729
  • Total URLs clicked: 6,679,203
  • Highest CPM: $14.04 for US traffic


Offers CPM rates as high as $14.04 for US audience
Minimum payment threshold of $5 for PayPal
20% commission on referral income
Real-time statistics
Dedicated customer agent
Family-safe, quality, secure ads
Mass shrinker lets you shorten multiple URLs at one go


A bit slow compared to other URL shortening services

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and veteran service in the URL shortening industry, then opt for Adf.LY. It is one of the highest paying URL Shortener on the web right now. Given its existence since the advent of URL shortening services that pay, Adf.LY is also more reliable than its peers.

Adf.LY offers the highest payout rate of $22.18 for every 1000 Unique Impressions from US origin. You can make a lot of money with Adf.LY if you can attract tons of traffic originating from the United States. Other productive countries include UK, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Finland, Australia, and France.

Automatic withdrawal is set on 10th of each month on Adf.LY platform for each publisher with a minimum threshold of $5 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer. Besides making money on short links, you can also earn via referrals on Adf.LY platform. You will receive 20% of the total earnings made by your referrals.

Interesting Adf.LY stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 5,373,907
  • Total URLs clicked: 1,413,375 daily clicks
  • Highest CPM: $22.18 for unique visits from the US
  • Worldwide CPM: $0.25 — $2.00


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Minimum payout limit of $5
  • Quality referral program to help your earnings grow lifetime
  • Easy registration and URL Shortener process
  • Knowledgebase and support base for easy workflow


  • Adf.LY is banned in several countries owing to its popularity
  • Requires JavaScript and Flash enabled by the users for Adf.LY to work on their browser
  • Annoying at times for the users with interstitial ads
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Ouo.IO is yet another URL shortening tool that helps you make money online. Unlike other major players in the URL shortening industry, Ouo.IO sends payment twice every month. The payments are scheduled on 1st and 15th of every month. However, you must get past the payment threshold of $5 to receive the payments via PayPal or Payeer. Whereas, the payment threshold is set at $50 for Payoneer withdrawals.

Besides earning from the short links, you can also make money from Ouo.IO via referral modes. You will receive 20% of all total earnings made by your referral when they join Ouo.IO and use their URL shortening service.

Although Ouo.IO sends payment twice every month, the payout rates are comparatively low for a US audience. However, Ouo.IO ensures that the publisher gets a minimum CPM rate of $1.5 for all traffic. For US-based audience, the CPM rate is $4.1. The highest CPM rate offered by Ouo.IO is $5 for traffic originating from Australia.

Ouo.IO also offers advanced tools such as Mass shrinker to shorten multiple links at one go. You can also use the Full-Page Script tool to turn every URL on your website into an Ouo.IO shortened link.

Interesting Ouo.IO stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 1,080,000+
  • Total URLs shortened: 275,000,000+
  • Total URLs clicked: 1,200,000+ clicks per day
  • Highest CPM: $5 for AUS traffic
  • Worldwide CPM: $1.5


  • Allows multiple views from the same viewer
  • A clean and easy user interface to monitor stats, earnings, and shortened URLs
  • Simple registration and URL shortening process without any need of technical prowess
  • Advanced tools such as Mass shrinker, Quick link, and Full-page script are very useful
  • Fortnightly payments (Get paid twice every month if you reach the prescribed payment threshold)


  • No customer/publisher support
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ShrinkMe.IO is undoubtedly the highest paying URL Shortener on this list. With ShrinkMe.IO, you can earn up to $220 per 10,000 views on the shortened URL. Surprisingly, the $22 CPM rate is not for US traffic, but traffic originated from Greenland. The company also offers a CPM rate of $18 for traffic from Ireland. For US-based traffic, ShrinkMe.IO offers a CPM rate of $14, whereas the CPM rate is $12 and $10 for the UK and Australia respectively.

Most importantly, ShrinkMe.IO offers the same rate for both desktop and mobile/tablet traffic. The lowest CPM rates offered is $1.50 for traffic originating from the Philippines, whereas the company sets an average CPM rate of $3.50 for the rest of the world.

The minimum payment threshold is $5 for all payment methods, except Payoneer. For Payoneer withdrawal, the minimum payout is set at $50. You can receive payments daily if you get past the minimum payout benchmark. ShrinkMe.IO supports payment withdrawals via PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, PayTM, and UPI.

You can also make money via referrals. ShrinkMe.IO offers 20% commission on the total earnings made by your referrals on ShrinkMe.IO platform.

Interesting ShrinkMe.IO stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 9,161
  • Total URLs shortened: 93,110
  • Total URLs clicked: 1,740,721
  • Highest CPM: $22 for Greenland traffic
  • Worldwide CPM: $3.50


  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Daily payments once you reach the minimum payout limit of $5
  • Very user-friendly URL shortening service with no pop-up ads or multiple cluttering ads.
  • Highest CPM of $22
  • Advanced tools such as Mass shrink, Full-page script, and Quick link API to make things faster


  • Captcha can be irritating followed by a delayed timer sometimes
  • No Facebook or WhatsApp traffic allowed
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If you are looking for a highly reliable and trustworthy yet simple URL shortening service with monetization features, then Shortzon.COM is your platform. The highest CPM offered at Shortzon.COM is $13 for US-based traffic. Although the lowest CPM offered stands at $1 for Philippines traffic, the minimum CPM rate offered for traffic from countries worldwide is $3 which is pretty good.

Just like every other URL shortening service with monetization features, Shortzon.COM also offers a 20% commission on the total earnings made by referrals. Shortzon.COM sets a minimum payment threshold at $3 for withdrawals via PayPal, UPI, Bkash, PayTM, or Bank transfer. Payments are made on a monthly basis and the publisher is eligible to be paid once the earnings reach the minimum payout limit.

Interesting Shortzon.COM stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 18,411
  • Total URLs shortened: 6,024,609
  • Total URLs clicked: 15,879,939
  • Highest CPM: $13 for US traffic
  • Worldwide CPM: $3


  • Highest CPM rate up to $13
  • An easy and clean user interface to shorten links and manage links
  • Minimum payout limit is $3
  • Multiple withdrawal options for flexibility


  • Monthly payments
  • Too many clicks and delay to reach the destination page
  • No Facebook or WhatsApp traffic allowed

That’s it. There are plenty of URL shortening platforms available out there, but I have sorted the highest-paying URL Shortener to simplify the job for you. Choose the best among these top 5 URL shortening tools with monetization features and make money online passively.

Remember, always look for quality and trustworthy platform while choosing short link services instead of CPM rates. High CPM rates are often lucrative over a short period of time but it’s the quality that your audience is looking for. Too many ads and delay will be a turn off for your audience and your credibility will be at stake. Hence, it is important to focus on trust and quality first and CPM rates later. In this list, I have ensured that you get both.

If you’re using any other quality URL shortening service with monetization feature, then please share in the comments below.

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